Bird photography by Alain Hogue

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Gull - Tern

Lesser Black-backed Gull
Larus fuscus

Ring-billed Gull
Larus delawarensis

Herring Gull
Larus argentatus

Herring Gull
Larus argentatus

Great Black-backed Gull
Larus marinus

Black Tern
Chlidonias niger

Laughing Gull
Larus atricilla

Bonaparte's Gull
Chroicocephalus philadelphia

Arctic Tern
Sterna paradisaea

Caspian Tern
Hydroprogne caspia

Roseate Tern
Sterna dougallii

Forster's Tern
Sterna forsteri

Common Tern
Sterna hirundo

Royal Tern
Sterna maxima

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